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Book One in the Flyers of the First Kingdom Series

The Ryder of the Night

is out now!

theryderofthenightFINAL copy.jpg

I am half of a whole. 

A dragon without a ryder. 

My kind are on the brink of extinction, I should be out there fighting, leading the flyers of the First Kingdom. But without my ryder I’m grounded.

She was the key to my magic and my future. But as soon as I found her she was stolen away, hidden somehow from even our bond’s pull.

I’d searched the Twelve Kingdoms for over a decade and lost all hope. Until my brother discovered her—living in a cult in the middle of nowhere, growing the very poison that’s killing my kind.

Raised with no knowledge of magic or creatures like me, she thinks I’m a monster from her nightmares come to life.

Admittedly, kidnapping her probably wasn’t my best move, but I had to get her out of there. 

Now I need to convince her the life she knew was a lie, but time is slipping away. If she doesn’t accept who she is and learn to harness her power, it will consume her—leaving me ryderless again.

She wants to go back to that lie of a life I rescued her from. Too bad we didn’t leave anything to go back to. But the more she refuses the truth, the closer I get to losing her again. So I make her an offer she can’t refuse. 

Only, I don’t know how I’ll keep my end of the bargain, because I can’t let her go now I’ve found her. She is more than just my ryder.

But that’s a secret for another day. We have training to do.

Lesson one: Ryde or die.

Welcome to the First Kingdom.

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